Shingle, Sand and Sea

Located on Suffolk’s coast this project involved visual artists Jac Campbell and Stephanie Hartick from Unbuilt Studio.  Travelling down the Suffolk Coast with the longshore drift,  Unbuilt Studio created 3 public engagement days with help from Suffolk Secrets and the AONB.

Day one was located at Dunwich Beach and involved engaging the public in-situ mapping tidelines over the day. It was interesting to see the strandlines mapped in blue, yellow and red flags. The camp set up above high water looked at erosion on the coast, man made and natural objects found washed ashore and the environmental impacts of these.

Day two moved to Old Felixstowe and looked at the Victorian art of seaweed collections. Sorting seaweed into brown, green and red made identification easier and many interesting conversations involving the tide, pollution and shipping were enabled.

Day three was spent at Landguard Point. Looking at ways of collecting natural objects found above the shoreline and how to record theses without taking anything away from the beach was the theme we wanted to explore. Finding 8 fossils was exciting, but how to best record to leave them behind? Experimenting with various recording methods, both Darwinian Collector style and modern, it was interesting to see different collections created and shared. Suffolk Young Carers also came on this day and created sculptures from natural objects.

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