Trees in Town

‘Trees in Town’ was a community project funded by the Woodland Trust and local councillors. The project involved 3 areas:

Environmental education and creative activities in schools

Public outreach

Community inclusive competition

‘Trees in Town’ explores how people can reconnect with trees, through art processes. It encourages people to look closer at and have a greater understanding of their urban environment. The project forms part of the Woodland Trust’s National Tree Charter: a national initiative to redefine the relationship between trees and people in the UK.

A competition was held to ask for contributions of drawings, artwork and poetry, for a Trees in Town booklet. This received nearly 200 entries, from all generations. Over 150 people turned up at the project celebration to view the artwork.

The booklet includes prints, pen and ink studies, watercolours and pencil work from professional artists, children, adults with learning difficulties and those recovering from mental health issues.

A Flickr photostream was created with all of the entries.

The booklet is available to purchase from The Writing Desk, Risbygate St, Bury St Edmunds and The Apex and in our online shop.

Feedback from Trees in Town:

“Thank you so much for the engaging school workshops. It was interesting to see how enthusiastic and interested the children were by the wintertime tree activities” – Teacher, Barrow CEVC Primary School

“A brilliant idea and beautiful project”– Exhibition visitor

“What a difference you made to the town of Bury St Edmunds”– Competition participant

“So thrilled and delighted to have been part of this project. So good that people are appreciating trees more and more”- Competition winner

“Many congratulations to Stephanie Hartick and Art Branches for such a great project which resulted in so many lovely entries”- Melanie Lesser, Bury in Bloom

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