Myths of Moyse’s

Myths of Moyse’s encourages a closer look at artefacts from Moyse’s Hall museum in Bury St Edmunds. Funded by the Cultural Recovery Fund, this project was developed during Tier 4 as a response to lockdown so that vulnerable people could engage in a stimulating group project.

Throughout the project participants were encouraged drawing skills and conversation around objects. The museum collections provided a useful conduit to connect with others exploring creativity whilst allowing for expression of values, beliefs and imagination. 

Commencing the project with a stone corbel carved from Abbey Barnock stone, the curator from Moyse’s museum provided a rich insight into working practices and artefacts from the fourteenth Century through to policing in the nineteenth Century.

Artefacts provided a rich source of inspiration for the group; studies, drawings, poetry have all been shared in between the workshops which is of particular significance and importance during Covid-19 lockdown and isolation for many of us.

Myths of Moyses is available as a 4 week social prescription during Winter 2022 thanks to funding from Community Chest, West Suffolk Council. To refer for a free place please email

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