Geological Layers

‘Geological Layers’ is an environmental education project with a difference. Starting with the rocks and fossils of the Suffolk coast, it introduces the fascinating stories they contain and highlights the fragility of this coastline facing the North Sea. It goes on to explore the sources of artistic inspiration in both.

Running through 2019 and 2020, ‘Geological Layers’ seeks to provide interesting and unusual activities to stimulate thinking and creative responses from adults and children from all backgrounds. It is kindly being funded by Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB Sustainable Development Fund and the Amenity and Accessibility Fund. It combines the knowledge and passions of environmental educator and artist Stephanie Hartick and geo-conservationist Tim Holt-Wilson.

‘Geological Layers’ will help local communities deepen their interest and knowledge of the Suffolk Coast and Heaths area. It focuses on three sites which offer creative inspiration: Dunwich Cliffs, with their 2 million year-old Norwich Crag sands and gravels; Orford Crag Pit and Orford Castle and Crag Pit, with their 4 million year-old exposures of Coralline Crag limestone; Bawdsey Cliffs, with their 2.6 million year-old Red Crag fossils resting on 50 million year-old London Clay dating back to the tropical Eocene period.



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